Thursday, October 29, 2009


Wee Ka Siong - the missing link in the PKFZ-MCA crisis debacle
Not many people know that WKS is also a direct beneficiary of the PKFZlargesse, courtesy of Tiong of course. WKS owns 47 per cent of HijauSekitar Sdn Bhd (240539-X), the subcon that was offered by KDSB amulti-million ringgit contract to study and implement traffic flow andcontrol in PKFZ. Other subcons in the PKFZ project treated WKS like Godfor they know he's the go-between for TKS.

想想看这一些都是有关联的,老总下台不再咬住自贸区课题,当然还有部长职,还有帮brother 张庆信一把。。。这就理解他是不是幕后推手了。

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