Thursday, September 3, 2009




  1. 自贸区是关全民的事。不管交通部长是不是来至马华,我们都要查。所以自贸区不是马华的事是全民的事。

  2. I think you should see this article.

    Datuk Wee is not really what u say. He is trying to save this party. If you are in his position, what will u do? support Ong or Support Chua? This will definately hurt the party in some way.

    I harap u faham. I rasa Datuk Wee pun kena berada di dalam Hui Zhang Li Shi Hui meeting as he is the MCA youth Chief. How u know he support Ong or he support Chua? Appearing in the Press Conference does not mean that he is supporting the person who is giving the press conference.

    U hanya boleh write ini article sekiranya Datuk Wee cakap sendiri. All u punya article pun hany 2 sahaja yang Datuk Wee cakap. Hanya satu itu Hui Zhang Li Shi Hui decision la...Not Datuk Wee decision la.

    It is just like if u appear to be in Pakatan Rakyat member, are u saying u 110% votes for ur team mates in ur place u stay? Everyone have their own wisdom la...D

    I think Datuk Wee is somebody that u can trust. he is a person who love the party. I think he wanna peaceful political party.Just like our fellow Malaysian wanna a peaceful Malaysia.

  3. Harap Harap u think more deeper before u write any article. I strongly believe Datuk Wee is trying his best to save the party.

    I guess u love the party that u votes right?

    cheers, Wan Lim Yas, a Malaysian

  4. Regardless if there are actual link between MAC or not, most important point to MCA is, the people's perception. Since so many MCA men involved in this saga (including ex MCA president), no one would believe that MCA is not linked to this incident. Would you?
    Thus, if i were the present of MCA, since i could not seperate people's perception to link MCA (and government in general) with PKFZ's potential corruption case, i would try to stop the people perception by revealing the truth once and for all.
    So, is the people's perception important to MCA's fate? Yes, i think so.
    Judging from this, do you think PKFZ and MCA is linked? Regardless the actual link exists or not, PKFZ and MCA are linked.
    If Dr Chua were to be elected as president, would he investigate this like Ong? I seriously doubt it.